About us.

sqft.capital is a platform solely for UK property developers to model deals and raise funding, quickly and consistently.

Having been involved in raising over £25m of development finance personally, I was frustrated by the historically slow, inefficient and hard-to-access way to raise debt and equity. We built sqft.capital to revolutionise this - solely for property developers.

- Tom Wolfe CEO of sqft.capital

About sqft.capital

We developed the sqft.capital platform to give property developers a quicker, transparent route to structure their development finance, then filter and present the right lenders and investors. We're democratising the way the process works to give property developers like you the clarity, speed and opportunity you need.

We believe property developers are poorly served by the current route to financing a project. We're on a mission to transform this process, backed by data, technology and accountability to improve the experience for you, the developer.

Debt & Equity Enquiries
£1.33 bn
Average Debt Raised
£3.26 m
Average Equity Raised
£ 1.02 m

Our Story.

The methods people use to borrow money may have changed how they look, but the essential structure is still the same: the lender is in charge. It doesn't matter if you're sitting across the desk at a bank, or on the phone to an advisor who has a lender in mind - you're at the end of a long chain.

But in so many other industries, the power of digital has turned this on its head. From insurance, to utilities, groceries and tickets; technology has come along and put the consumer firmly in charge.

The development finance industry has been resistant to change. Cumbersome and time-consuming processes mean that borrowers end up with an opaque, convoluted route to funding. We aim to transform this and improve the experience for everyone involved.

Borrowers expect a set of digital tools they can use at their own speed and want to feel ownership over how they model and optimise their requirements. Debt and equity lenders want a better way to visualise the data for profitable deals. And they both expect a blend of digital automation and human contact - which is at the heart of sqft.capital.

Our digital platform puts the power to model and access lenders in the hands of the developer and filters out the noise to help them find the partner they need. We're on call to help set up the deal when they need us. We think it's the most efficient way to finance development, and our users agree.

The sqft.capital team

  • Tom Wolfe

    Tom Wolfe

    Chief Executive Officer

    Tom started sqft.capital with nearly two decades of experience in Central London property, the majority of which was spent running his own developments. He set up sqft.capital due to market demand from developers needing a better route to raising debt and equity funding and is inspired to change the way the industry works and improve its inefficiency.

  • Hugo Glover

    Hugo Glover

    Director of Sales

    Hugo joined sqft.capital to help launch the business after working with Cairn Capital's Real Estate Investment and Advisory businesses, with experience executing secured real estate loans and advising borrowers across the UK and Europe. He is motivated to bring his corporate knowledge to benefit the SME development market.

  • Steve McDougall

    Steve McDougall

    Technical Lead

    Steve joined sqft.capital to help push the technology forward after working for various companies as a Head of Engineer and Chief Technology Officer. Working on projects from real time data analytics platforms powering sporting event and scaling platforms to be resilient under massive spikes in traffic, from 0 visitors to 500,000 per second.

  • Mark Witherspoon

    Mark Witherspoon


    Ex-head of data services, Zoopla. Non-executive Chairman, Twenty Ci. Non-executive Director, REalyse. Ex-CEO, Hometrack. Head of Strategy and Planning, Barclays retail.

  • Nathaniel Payne

    Nathaniel Payne

    Software Engineer

    Having worked in tech recruitment across the South West for many years, Nathaniel switched careers and put himself through a fast paced bootcamp course with the IO Academy in Bath. He has now graduated and joined us here at sqft.capital for his first Software Engineer role.

Source and access the right lender for your site today. Be your own broker using the sqft.capital platform and allow our data to filter the right lenders quickly for your site. Our technology offers you an efficient route to finding financing in seconds - with us humans to help you secure it.

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